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Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

We believe that pupil development efforts would be optimized in a caring school culture.  We value relationships and seek to build positive relationships in our school community where all would feel safe, belonged and accepted.  We aim to build a caring school community as we look out for one another and no one gets left behind.  We recognise that positive teacher-student relationship (TSR) and positive student-student relationship (SSR) are significant contributors to the learning process and in building a caring culture.

FTGP is interaction time between Form Teachers and pupils created to build and strengthen TSR and SSR.  With quality TSR, pupils enjoy better rapport with teachers that can enhance their learning experiences.  Time is given for Form Teacher to have 1-1 Interaction with pupil during FTGP for Form Teacher to know each pupil well.

Pupils play an important role in shaping the school culture of care. Pupils feel more connected to the school when they know that they have friends who care for them and whom they can turn to for help and support.  We can strengthen positive SSR by providing opportunities for pupils to form friendships. This in turn can help pupils form a network of positive social support where they can look out for one another.  Regular Class Interactive Bonding Activities are conducted during FTGP for Form Teachers to bond with pupils and for pupils to get to know their peers better. Peer Support Lessons such as Help-Seeking and Help-Giving Skills are also taught in FTGP.  It seeks to cultivate peer support mind-set and skills in every pupil to be a “brother’s keeper” and strengthen social network of pupils by providing opportunities for them to interact with each other.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is explicitly taught during FTGP. Through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), pupils acquire skills, knowledge and dispositions that will not only help them to establish positive relationships, but also to recognise and manage emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions and handle challenging situations effectively.

Lessons on Cyber Wellness, Anti-Bullying, Education and Career Guidance and protection from abuse (Primary 1 to Primary 4) are also incorporated into FTGP lessons to address specific issues, reinforce the core values and social and emotional competencies to enable pupils to apply them to specific contexts.