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Programme for Active Learning

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) aims to achieve a holistic primary education that goes beyond providing pupils with content knowledge and to equip them with the skills and values to thrive in a rapidly advancing globalised world. The programme encourages learning beyond the classroom by providing pupils at the lower primary levels with opportunities to try out activities in Sports and Outdoor Education, and the Performing and Visual Arts. PAL aims to promote the all-rounded development of pupils in five learning domains (cognitive, moral, social, aesthetics and physical) and enable students to cultivate social-emotional competencies with experiential learning opportunities through fun and varied activities.

Primary 1 Primary 2
Outdoor Education
Sports & Games
Outdoor Education

These 6 modules aim to encompass learning in a creative way and develop students to express their thoughts and feelings in response to their experiences through the PAL activities. The students are encouraged to show perseverance and demonstrate willingness to explore and engage in different experiences which are experiential in nature. The students also work together in groups which encourages them to listen, share their ideas and take turns when working with one another. Through the various group work, the students learn to express themselves and their emotions more effectively which is integral to values education and social-emotional learning in a purposeful and enjoyable platform.

Working together as team in Sports and Games.jpg
Working together as a team in Sports and Games

Exploring nature and outdoors.jpg
Exploring the nature and the outdoors together

Expressing creative visual arts.jpg
Expressing creativity through visual arts