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School Alumni

Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS) Alumni Association

Our Alumni Association was formed in July 2016 and our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was conducted on 18 May 2017.

Strong alumni is an asset to school as former students help to nurture the school spirit, foster a sense of pride for the school and preserve school traditions. The purpose of PHPPS Alumni Association is to allow alumni members to strengthen their bond with the School, promote loyalty and love for the School, fostering a sense of belonging and comradeship amongst former students and staff. These intangible but fundamental aspects of our school contribute to the formation and development of Pei Hwa’s identity. All old boys and girls are encouraged to come on-board and join us in making our network a vibrant community to support in achieving the school’s vision.

We would like to encourage all our fellow alumni to participate our alumni activities and support the School to achieve its education objectives and outcomes. Stay connected through our PHPPS Alumni Facebook which you could learn about the upcoming events and keep in touch with your classmates.

PHPPS Alumni Facebook

Application for Alumni Membership

If you want to join the PHPPS Alumni Association, please print out the membership application form and send the completed form to the contact address stated within.  Only former students from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS) are eligible for membership.
Click here for Application Form

Note for Your Child’s Primary 1 Registration:

MOE regulations state that if you wish to qualify for Phase 2A1 of the Primary 1 Registration, you must be an Alumni member of the School before 30th June of the preceding year. Please note that the membership approval process will take at least 3 months to process. If you intend to use your PHPPS Alumni membership for priority in Primary One Registration with Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, you must be approved as a PHPPS Alumni member no later than 30 June of the year preceding your child's Primary One Registration. As such, please ensure that your application reaches us not later than 31st March of the year preceding your child's Primary One Registration so as to allow time for your membership to be approved. Please note that approval of a membership application is subjected to the discretion of the PHPPS Alumni Association Committee.

Year of P1 Registration: 2020 ·
Child goes to Primary 1 in Year 2021 ·
Application Submission before 31st March 2019 ·
Be an Alumni Member before 30th June 2019.

Please note that late submission will not be considered for this eligibility phase. Successful application as a member of PHPPS Alumni provides you with priority to register your child under Phase 2A1 of the Primary 1 Registration but does not guarantee your child a place should balloting take place when the number of applications exceeds the number of vacancies.

Contact PHPPS Alumni
For any enquiry, you may write in to phppsalumni@gmail.com