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Curricular Goal: Passionate Learners of Art

Our pupils will be passionate about, appreciate Art, and be able to express themselves through it. They will be able to see the value and recognise the relevance of Art in their lives and society. They will acquire skills for creative expressions and explore ways to communicate their imagination, thoughts and feelings.

The school provides a strong foundation in the development of basic art competencies and moral values using the A3 Instructional Approach and X3 Developmental Plan. Our art programme provides structured art experiences for pupils to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and values ( Acquisition ), apply and transfer their learning through authentic platforms ( Application ) and provides opportunities for them to reflect and engage in discussion so as to affirm their good practices and effective application. ( Affirmation ).

The school leverages on the X 3 approach of eXposure , eXtension and eXcellence to provide enriching learning opportunities for all progressively and nurture those who demonstrate strengths in Art to reach their peaks of excellence.

eXposure stage includes:
     -      Learning basic art-related knowledge, skills and values in art curriculum
     -      Meet the Masters Art Programme

Collaborating peers in batik painting.jpg Collaborating peers in batik painting (Grp).jpg
Collaborating with peers in batik painting

eXtension stage includes:
     -      Museum Visits
     -      Chinese Painting and Calligraphy
     -      Batik Painting

eXcellence stage includes:
     -      Talents Exhibitions
     -      Visual Art CCA
     -      Visual Art Competitions