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Student Management

In Pei Hwa, we believe that every child can be nurtured and developed; and it takes a whole village to raise a child. Thus, we seek to create and sustain a learning environment that is safe, respectful and caring so as to develop our students into responsible and forward-looking individuals who will serve God and our nation. 


  • Goal

    The goal of discipline is self-discipline in our students. It is about developing our students to take                       responsibility for their actions and demonstrate care for others out of their own volition across time, space         and situations. Thus, the role of the teacher is developmental, not custodial.

  •  Self-Check Strategy for Students
    Even as children stumble and fall as they learn to walk, students will likewise fail, now and then, to behave in accordance to the school’s values and code of conduct. Therefore, a self-check strategy, T.H.I.N.K., is introduced to all students at the start of the year. 
T.H.I.N.K - Self- Check Strategy for Students

  • Approach to Discipline

Effective discipline requires a whole-school and multi-pronged approach. The key steps in the discipline process are Clarify, Sensitise and Influence (C.S.I.)

-Clarify (Fact Finding)

Gather all the facts about what had happened, who were involved, when did it take place, what were they thinking when they carried out the actions.

 -Sensitise (Think of Others)

Help students to think of who were affected by the actions that were carried out and how have these people been affected by their actions.

 -Influence (Guide Them)

Guide students to reflect about their own actions in terms of what values have they not demonstrated, what could they do to make up and what they would do differently in the future.


Beyond the classroom support provided by all our teachers, the Full-time School Counsellor (FTSC), Part-time School Counsellor (PTSC) and Allied Educator for Learning and Behavioural Support (AED/LBS) provide more targeted support for students with greater learning, emotional and social needs with the help of external agencies whenever possible. The FTSC, PTSC and AED(LBS) work closely with the students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders to help support the students so that they can progress and transit from one phase to another smoothly.


To ensure that every student performs at their fullest potential without having to worry about basic needs, MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS) is made available for application throughout the year. Parents can apply for such assistance when the need arises. For more information on the criteria and application of the scheme, please click here.


  • ·FamilyMatters@School

To support parents in the education of their children, FamilyMatters@School was introduced in our school in 2011. Each year, different workshops are organized for parents to take part in. A letter will be sent out to all parents through the students. For any queries on the workshops, you may email to peihwasfe@yahoo.com.sg.

  • North West Community Development Council (NW CDC)

To give recognition to students who have performed outstandingly in areas other than academic excellence, the school nominated students to receive Outstanding All Rounder Student (OARS) Award organized by NW CDC yearly. The list of award recipients over the years is as follows:


Award Recipients


1.    Lee Shao Jie, Timothy Ethan

2.    Kevin Jerrold Chan

3.    Tham Sze Rong


1.    Maxz Ho Jian Cen

2.    Wong Kwang Yang Marcus

3.    Tan Noah Wei Tze


1.    Wen Biqing

2.    Yeo Kai Qing Joanne

3.    Ng Song Peng Matthew


1.    Chia Xin-Yi Alyssa

2.    Lee Zi Xuan

3.    Woon Pek Yong Samuel


1.    Goh Kong Yao

2.    Lee Jian Yin Deborah

3.    Siau Hwee Teng


1.    Ng Yi Hsuan

2.    Joshua Lee Jay En


1.    Ashley Tan Yingxuan

2.    Lucas Koh Eu Jen

3.    Raphael Isaiah Lim Keah Way