PHPPS school-based Physical Education (PE) aims to engage students through various platforms and activities for the development of their well-being, character and leadership. We want to provide opportunities for students to access to a range of activities through our PE programme, modular sports CCAs (conducted during school hours) as well as Recreational and Core Sports CCAs (conducted outside school hours) so that they can develop their interest and thereafter, pursue this interest and nurture their talent in it. Through our Sports PE and CCA curriculum, we hope that students will acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values towards the pursuit of a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle.

The school adopts the X3 approach of eXposure , eXtension and eXcellence (see diagram below) to provide students with different levels of participation opportunities and nurture those who demonstrate strengths in certain areas to reach their peaks of excellence.

PE Framework

At the eXposure stage, the co-core curriculum is conducted within curriculum time as part of their Art, Music, PE, Health Education, Social Studies, Civics and Moral Education and CVE (Christian values education) lessons as well as Assembly.

At the eXtension stage, modular CCAs are conducted on a weekly basis for 1.5 hours during curriculum time for the morning session or as post-exam activities. The modular CCAs are introduced as an extension to meet students' needs and interests and to allow students to discover their talents for further development. Students can also take a step further by joining CCAs that are conducted out of curriculum hours. Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Programme are also offered to the P1 and P2 students during school hours once a week on Wednesdays or Thursdays. PAL was conceptualised to provide students with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities in two broad areas - Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, and Performing Arts (Music and Dance) and Visual Arts. PAL Modules are to enhance the total experience of students in the moral, physical, aesthetics, social and emotional aspects for a holistic education.

At the eXcellence stage, students with talents in specific area are further developed through intensive training and participation in competitions.



In line with MOE’s move towards a values-driven, student-centric education, there is an increased emphasis on the teaching of physical education and on the development of pupils’ character, socio-emotional competencies and leadership qualities in order to achieve the holistic education of every child.

In 2014, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), which is coined STAR@PHPPS was launched to constantly expose our pupils to several real-life situations to facilitate perspective taking, relationship management and moral action. Structured reflection (embedded in the Scheme of work), guided discovery and facilitative questioning will help students to internalise the school values of respect, responsibility, resilience, integrity, teamwork and loyalty.

STAR@PHPPS focuses on developing our pupils to be passionate sportspersons, upright and contributing leaders with strength of character.  We achieve these by equipping our pupils with the broad-based psychomotor and socio-emotional competencies through our STAR Programme (Self Defense, Track and Field, Adventuring and Racket Games) using our school’s customised A3 Instructional Approach and X3 Developmental Plan.


Our Integrated PE Programme
PHPPS integrated school-based curriculum comprises 4 domains, namely, Health Education (HE), Outdoor Education (OE), Physical Education and Sports Education (SE), in short, HOPS. HE focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills to take care of their health and the health of others and the environment while OE allows for the extension of structured and meaningful learning activities conducted outdoors. PE and SE play an important role in the physical growth and development of students. Students are exposed to a broad range of sports skills and concepts from Primary 1 to 6. Through this, we hope our students will grow to be physically fit, embrace a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sports and the outdoors.

Health Education

The syllabus content is organised into 3 levels for a holistic approach towards the learning of Physical Health and Fitness. They are Developing Good Personal Practices, Making Informed and Responsible Decisions, and Creating Positive Influence on the Community. The table below shows the themes and topics in each health dimension:


Theme and topics

Developing Good Personal Practices

1. Growth and Health
Stages of growth; exercise, diet and growth; puberty and physical changes

2. Knowing What Food Does For Me
Types of food and diet; healthy food choices

3 Cultivating Good Health and Hygiene Habits
Hygiene habits and practices

4. Vision and Oral Care
Eye care; oral hygiene; diet and oral health

Making Informed and Responsible Decisions

5. Safety First
Preventing accidents; road safety; safety in public places; water safety; fire safety; simple first aid

1. Healthy Eating and Weight Management

2. Health and Fitness Management

3. Personal Safety in Physical Activities

Creating Positive Influence on the Community


Outdoor Education

The OE programme for P3, P4 and P5 is conducted both within the PE curriculum and as part of outdoor camp programme. Below shows the breakdown of our programme by levels:
Level Focus
Team building
Nature Appreciation 
Basic Orienteering (Level 1):
- Tracks and Trails

Team building
Basic Orienteering (Level 2):
- Map Reading
3D2N Outdoor Adventure Camp

Basic Orienteering (Level 3):                                                                                                       Geocaching or equivalent                                                                                                           - Outdoor Pursuits at Dairy Farm or equivalent


Physical and Sports Education

The lower primary level PE and SE focuses on fundamental movements, educational gymnastics and dance to develop students’ psychomotor skills, control and co-ordination. These lay the foundations for further learning of more advanced psychomotor skills, sports and games.

The upper primary level centres on further development and refinement of fundamental movements and psychomotor skills through various physical activities such as gymnastics, games, dance, athletics and swimming. In games, students will be exposed to basic games concepts.


Assessment is an integral process of the learning and teaching. It enables the students to know their mastery level of concepts and skills as well as their understanding of the subject. With this knowledge, the students will be able to work on their area of weakness.

PECCA-03 Assessment 1.jpg

Assessment Tools

Physical Education

A variety of assessment tools are used by the PE teachers to determine the progress and development of our students’ learning. This is done through:

  • Observation: Teachers/ instructors constantly monitor the performance of the students during PE lessons. Immediate feedback and remediation are provided during the sessions.

  • Checklist: Each checklist provides detailed dimensions, characteristics or behaviours that are associated with the expected learning outcomes. Teachers will observed whether students exhibit the required characteristics or behaviours.
Primary 1 (SA1) Fundamental MovementsInterpersonal Skills
 Primary 1 (SA2) Manipulative Skill 1Interpersonal Skills 
 Primary 2 (SA1) Fundamental Movements  Interpersonal Skills
 Primary 2 (SA2)Manipulative Skill 2  Interpersonal Skills
 Primary 3 (SA1) Manipulative Skill 3 Olympic and School Values (Rubrics)
Primary 3 (SA2)  Manipulative Skill 4Olympic and School Values (Rubrics) 
 Primary 4 (SA1) NAPFA Test ResultsOlympic and School Values (Rubrics)  
 Primary 4 (SA2)Manipulative Skill 5Olympic and School Values (Rubrics)   
 Primary 5 (SA1) Concepts of Play (Territorial-Invasion) Olympic and School Values (Rubrics)   
 Primary 5 (SA2) Concepts of Play (Striking)Olympic and School Values (Rubrics)    
 Primary 6 (SA1) NAPFA Test Results Olympic and School Values (Rubrics)    
 Primary 6 (SA1) Concepts of Play (Net/Wall) Olympic and School Values (Rubrics)    

Special Events

Mass participation is the cornerstone of our SportsFest! and PlayFest! for Primary 1 to 6 students.


Riding on the hype of the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, the school organised its inaugural SportsFest!   a few months before the international sporting event was held. Since then, the school has been using this special sporting event to enhance games skills through individual and team activities, promote the Olympic Values of excellence, teamwork, respect and fair play, and the 21st century competencies.

SportsFest! Grand Opening - Lighting up the cauldron 

Lighting up the Cauldron                                              

SportsFest Overview



A sports carnival which consists of individual and relay events, Funfest aims to promote athletics as part of STAR@PHPPS. As they compete against one another, pupils display Olympic values such as teamwork, excellence and respect.

FunFest Overview


PlayFest! is a sports and games carnival organised specially for the lower primary students to develop their fundamental movement in activities. These activities are focused on students acquiring the basic motor skills which are the foundation to developing the game skills required to lead a life-long active life. Like SportsFest!, the activities also promote the sporting values of excellence, teamwork, respect and fair play and the 21st century competencies.
PlayFest! Overview - 01

  PlayFest! Overview - 02

PlayFest! Overview - 03



The key to the successes of various events organised by the PE department is the involvement and support of our former students, Phase 2B parent volunteers and parents of existing students. In 2015 alone, a total of 130 former students were involved in both our SportsFest! and Mid-autumn Festival Carnival and over 100 parents of existing students were involved in our PlayFest!.
Involvement of former students during SportsFest!

PECCA20 Partnership01

PECCA20 Partnership02

PECCA20 Partnership03