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PHPPS school-based Arts Curriculum aims to enable students to appreciate the Arts and to express themselves through the Visual and Performing Arts. The school adopts the A3 Instructional Approach which ensures that our arts programme provides structured arts experiences for students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and values (Acquisition), apply and transfer their learning through authentic platforms (Application) and provides opportunities for them to reflect and engage in discussion so as to affirm their good practices and performance (Affirmation).

Strategic Thrust: Nurture passion in the Arts

Vision: Every Pupil, A Passionate Young Artist.

Strategic Goals: To enable students to appreciate the Arts and to express themselves through the Visual and Performing Arts.


SYF Art 2017 (Category A) - 23 Planets

SYF Art 2017 (Category C) - Tree of Thought
SYF Art 2017 (Category A)                                23 Planets                        SYF Art 2017 (Category C)         
"Tree of Thought"                         

Arts Instructional Programme:

Visual Art – Master Artists Programme

Our Master Artists’ Art Programme introduces art through studying the life of the artists from different time periods and their unique art styles. Stories about what inspires the artists and how they work are used as stimuli to engage pupils and to illustrate artistic processes. After gaining significant background knowledge of the artists, pupils work on their artwork based on the artist’s style and learn key art vocabulary to describe artworks. The aim of the studying Master Artists’ works is to allow students to have a broader view of looking at their world in their daily lives. This approach not only offers a diverse and multi-cultural art curriculum, it also stimulates creativity and encourages art discussion.

Students’ Art Works

Student Artworks - 01
Student Artworks - 02
Student Artworks - 03
Student Artworks - 04
Student Artworks - 05
Student Artworks - 06
Student Artworks - 07
Student Artworks - 08

P5 Claymation

P5 Claymation - 01
P5 Claymation - 02
P5 Claymation - 03

P6 Singapore Hat Making

P6 Singapore Hat Making


Our music programme aims to develop pupils' music appreciation and understanding through active musical experiences such as music creation and performance as well as movement in music; and where the display of musical skills such as listening, creating, performing, draw on students’ learning and understanding of musical elements and concepts. The learning outcomes are designed in an integrated and progressive manner over the 6 years where lessons are built on musical knowledge and skills acquired earlier. 

To foster our pupils' appreciation of different genres of Music and understanding music in its socio-cultural context, students are exposed to the music of both local and global cultures. It is through this knowing about the music, its musicians, its role and value in culture, that musical understanding is deepened and contextualised for our students. They also learn to listen attentively and thoughtfully during performing and creating to allow them to reflect on their own works and respond to those of their peers and musicians.


Our Music Lessons

Our Music Lessons - Activity Photos 01
Our Music Lessons - Activity Photos 02


The school provides a rich arts enrichment programme to nurture students’ passion in the arts and to complement the Arts Instructional Programme. This is done through deploying a structured approach to achieve the following goals of enabling students to appreciate the arts and to express themselves through visual and performing arts.  The Arts Enrichment Programme are as follows:

1.   Whole-School Arts Appreciation

  • Assembly Programme  
  • Performance or Art Showcase during school-wide events
  •       Recess Concerts
  •       Talent-fest Showcase
AEP - Whole-School Arts Appreciation - Photos 01
AEP - Whole-School Arts Appreciation - Photos 02
AEP - Whole-School Arts Appreciation - Photos 03

This event celebrates and promotes the importance of the Arts in our daily living. Pupils not only get to enjoy and appreciate the musical performances put up by their classmates in the hall, they can also experience hands-on art or music activities at the various booths set up at the atrium. Art exhibition is also put up to showcase outstanding pupils' artworks and recognize the creative young artists in PHPPS.

Talent-fest - Students-led Art Activities

Talent-fest - Chinese Arts Programme Art Exhibition and Class

Talent-fest - P6 Musical Performance

Chinese Arts Programme (CAP) – Arts Signature Programme

As part of the school's aim to promote bilingualism as spelled out in our school’s mission statement, the CAP (Chinese Arts Programme) which was introduced in 2009, is fused into the aesthetics domain where Chinese Arts Lessons, are injected into the Primary 1 to 3 art and music curriculum. This is the school’s initiative to enhance the learning of Chinese Language and the appreciation of Chinese culture and traditional values, such as perseverance and loyalty, so as to preserve our Chinese heritage in a SAP school.

In the delivery of the Chinese Arts Programme, Mandarin is used as the mode of instruction so as to encourage the use of the Chinese Language to deepen the learning of the Chinese arts. CAP programme provides an extension of experiences in terms of more opportunities and avenues for the development of pupils’ expression and the cultivation of imagination and creativity.

CAP Art Lessons

CAP Art Lessons

CAP Music Lessons

CAP Music Lessons

3.   Interest Group Learning Journeys

    • Visual Arts 
    • Performing Arts 
    • Community Involvement

    Art Club Visit to STPI 2017

    Learning Journey Activities 01

    P5 Musical

    Learning Journey Activities 02


    Art Club CCA Values in Action at Concern and Care Society

Arts CCA

Performing Arts CCAs

SYF 2016

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) was set up 50 years ago to provide platforms for students to showcase their talents in the various art forms and to promote the appreciation of arts amongst students. In 2016, Our school was represented by 5 groups namely the Chinese Dance, Choir, Guzheng, Guitar and International Dance CCAs. All of them have put up great performances and have done well!


Chinese Dance


Choir/ Guzheng


Guitar Ensemble


International Dance

Visual Art CCA

 Art Club

 SYF 2017                              

          SYF 2017 - Category C - Tree of Thought


SYF 2017 - Category C - Infinite Space

SYF 2017 - Category B - Dream Bubbles/ My Wonderland

SYF 2017 - Category B / A - 23 Planets / Outer Space


Event/AwardLevel of Achievement

National Arts Education Award (NAEA) 2015

The  National Arts Education Award is a national arts award for schools in Singapore. The Award is conferred by NAC to encourage schools to provide holistic arts education for all students and recognise schools with good arts practices and programmes.

GLOW Award

National Arts Education Award (NAEA) Logo