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Art & Craft Club

Art Club
Aims & Objectives of CCA

  • For potential artists to hone in on their skills and develop their techniques.
  • Learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and community.
  • Create bonds with the community through the arts.
Key Programmes & Activities

During the art club sessions, the pupils get more in-depth lessons and projects that are not always feasible in the regular art class. They will get to experience and explore the creative process in a collaborative and welcoming environment. Activities include both individual and group projects that are not covered in the class art curriculum.
Teachers IC
Miss Rao Pei Jung
P3 to P6
Mrs Jessie Chow (IC)
Miss Suhailah
Schedule: Primary 2

Friday – 10am to 12pm
Primary 3 to 6
Monday – 2pm to 4pm

Art Room 2
Visits Art Exhibitions.jpg

Going for visits to art exhibitions

Sharing fruits of our labour.jpg

Sharing the fruits of our labour

Creating bonds with community.png

Creating bonds with the community through arts