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Brief Introduction

Boys BrigadeBoys' Brigade


Mr Mok Ying Jia (CCA Head)  Ms Ong Li Hui Celestine                      Mr Woon Ta-Li  

Advisor                          Mdm Phua Ying-Li

The Boys' Brigade mission is to nurture Youth, based on Christian values, to serve and lead. 57 J Company achieved the Gold Award for the prestigious JM Fraser Award for Excellence for Year of Assessment 2015. 

Besides learning badge work such as drills and First Aid. Our boys are also challenged to participate in Brigade-wide competitions such as Character Quest and get the opportunity to fellowship with Boys from other schools through a combined camp.

Boys learn leadership skills through exposures in weekly parades that includes overnight camps, outings and activites to help foster parent-child bonding. 

Boys learn many different values like teamwork, respect and resilience and we hope they will live out the BB moto to be "Sure and Steadfast".

Girls' Brigade
Girls' Brigade (GB) 

Mdm Diana Goh (CCA Head) 
Mrs Sharon Wang       
Mrs Rebecca Wong
Mrs Wendy Koh

Mdm Phua Ying-Li  (SH PE/CCA)
The Girls’ Brigade (GB) is an international youth organisation with companies across all continents. In Singapore, it is a uniformed group recognised by the Ministry of Education as an approved CCA in schools with more than 3800 members.   

 The programme is centered on 3 key areas:

 1) Leadership development
 2) Character development
 3) Service to the community  

Through the weekly programme, we seek to develop each girl to her fullest potential by equipping her with the necessary skills, empowering her to make good decisions and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the community.    

The Girls' Brigade in Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (i.e. 30th Company) was formally founded in 1992. 

CCA Schedule:
P3 to P6  PupilsFriday, 2pm to 4pmMusic Room 2