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Domain Type Item Achievement
Aesthetic  National SYF (Singapore Youth Festival Competition) 2016 Chinese Dance  Distinction
Choir Distinction
Guitar Ensemble Accomplishment
Guzheng Ensemble Accomplishment
International Dance Accomplishment
Sports & Games Table Tennis West Zone Senior Boys - 1st
Junior Boys - 2nd
Senior Girls - 2nd
Junior Girls - 2nd
Singapore HOPES Invitational Team Table Tennis Tournament Boy's Team - Champion
Girls' Team - 2nd Runner Up
Girls' Team - 2nd Runner Up
20th Char Yong Cup National Youth Top 10 Senior Girls - 2nd
Girls under 9 - 6th
Girls' 12 & Under Singles - 4th
Senior Boys - Champion
Junior Boys - 2nd
Rhythmic Gymnastics National Inter-School Competitions B Divisional - 2nd
C Divisional - Champion
Level 3 - Group Freehand (2nd)
Level 3 - Team (3rd Position)
Level 2 - Group Freehand (2nd)
Level 2 - Team (1st)
Tchoukball West Zone Senior Boys - Champion
Track and Field National Primary Schools Track and Field Championships 2016 P4 Girls - 600m (4th), Shot Put (1st)
P5 Boys -300m (4th)
P5 Girls- 600m (4th)
P6 Boys - 200m (4th)
Akira Swift P4 Boys -  600m (2nd), 4x100m (3rd)
P4 Girls - 600m (3rd), 4x100m (2nd)
P5 Boys - 4x100m (3rd)
P5 Girls  - 600m (3rd), 4x100m (2nd), Long Jump (1st)
P6 Girls - 600m (3rd), 4x100m (1st)
Wushu National Inter-School Wushu Competition 24-Style TaiJiQuan (Snr Boys) : 2nd Place
Chang Quan (Jnr Girls) : 3rd Place
24-Style TaiJiQuan (Snr Girls) : 1st Place
3-Duan Nanquan (Jnr Girls): 8th Place
24-Style TaiJiQuan (Jnr Girls): 8th Place
4 Duan Sword (Snr boys): 7th Place
Sword (Jnr Girls) :1st Place
Sword (Jnr Boys) :4th Place
Sword (Snr Boys): 5th Place
Uniformed Groups Boy's Brigade JM Fraser Award for Excellence 2015 Gold Award
Girl's Brigade Company Awards 2015 Gold Award
Best Big Team Silver Award
Cognitive Chinese 2016年全国华文大比拼 荣获全国二十强个人优胜奖
          Chinese           2016 National Chinese Creative Speech Competition For Primary School    1st and 2nd Runners-Up
 Chinese National Chinese Challenge Top 20 Awards
Singapore Malaysia Schools Bilingual Olympiad 
Top 30 Awards 
  Chinese  2016 National Chinese Creative Speech Competition For Primary School 
 1st and 2nd Runners-Up
 Chinese 10th  National Inter-Primary On-The-Spot Chinese Poetry Writing Competition
Commendation Award (A Group) 
 Chinese17th International Chinese Language Competition for Primary Schools  
Singapore Category:
1 Silver, 2 Bronze

International Category:
1 Bronze
English - Debate Wits and Words Inter-School Debate Championship Top 8 Schools
English - Story-Telling National Story Challenge Primary English Team - Finals
Primary English Individual - Finals
English - Spelling Big Spell Final - 5th Place
Mathematics Annual Mathlympic For All SG Primary Schools 3 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards and 13 Bronze Awards
RI Primary Maths World Contest 1 High Distinction Award, 12 Distinction Awards and 22 Credit Awards
ICT Asia-Pacific Youth Robot Competition (APYRC) 2nd & 3rd (Line Tracing)
  ICT  National Cospace and Robomaker Challenge - Grand Prix (Primary) Event  2nd