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"Thinkers Today Leaders Tomorrow" Programme (TTLT)


TTLT is designed to meet the learning needs and stretch the potential of higher ability students from P4-6 through an enriched curriculum in English, Math and Science. TTLT is conducted weekly outside curriculum time and learning is reinforced during class lessons.  Pedagogical strategies include problem-solving, collaborative inquiry, discovery learning and peer teaching.


Other programmes include the Excellence 2000 Science Programme (E2K) for P4 and P5 students who show special interest and ability in science.  The Innovation Programme (IVP) trains students in the use of SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to other uses, Eliminate and Rearrange/Reverse) to generate new ideas for products or services to improve on existing ones.  They develop their prototypes, test their models and make refinements under the guidance of teacher-mentors. Project Work@PHPPS (PW) is based on Howard Gardner’s 5 Minds for the Future, and tasks for each level are designed based on a spiral progression.