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SAP Flagship Programme - Chinese Arts Programme (CAP)

CAP is designed to deepen students’ appreciation of Chinese Language, culture and values. Students are offered a spread of culturally-rich arts programmes, activities and learning experiences.  Art and Music lessons are taught in Chinese from P1 to P3.  For example in P1, students learn Chinese folk art like Chinese paper folding.  They also learn to design traditional Chinese costumes.  In music, they learn Xin Jiang folk songs as well as Chinese musical instruments like Kuai Ban.  Every level has an anchor programme to further reinforce and extend what students have learnt in the curriculum.  For example, P2 students are exposed to speech and drama in Chinese while P5 students engage in Chinese music composition through ICT. All students learn Chinese Brush Painting from P1 to P6. CAP is also integrated into Modular CCAs such as Hulusi, Peacock Dance and Chinese Drum. Students with talent can further develop their skills and take part in competitions.
Award achieved in 2012
12th National Chinese Folk Song Singing Competition – Gold Award