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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)  - Competent and Confident Communicator (C³) Programme

The Applied Learning Programme in the school is called C³.  It is a 6-year progressive programme to develop students to be competent and confident communicators with coherence and clarity in thought and expression.  It aims to :

  1. Equip students with listening and oral skills for effective listening
  2. Teach students thinking skills  (such as divergent, convergent, organization and analysis skills) so that they are able to express themselves clearly in oral and written forms
  3. Nurture students with greater interest and aptitude in communication to reach their peaks of excellence

C³ deploys the X³ Approach (similar to CAP and STAR@PHPPS) to ensure that all students are included in this programme and will benefit from it. 

The 6-year C³ programme develops students the following skills:

P1 and P2:    Functional Language used in Every Day conversation

                      Simple Oral Presentation

P3 and P4:    Story-Telling

                      Public Speaking

P5 and P6:    Writing Personal Resume


                      Drama Appreciation

Besides enabling students to be effective communicators, C3 integrates the school values and 21st CC into every stage of the programme so that students will develop skills like collaborative, reciprocal and independent learning, civic literacy, critical, creative and cross-cultural thinking and leveraging ICT in their learning process.