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Our School Song 校歌

Stanza 1

我培华 历史悠长

My Pei Hwa, rich in history

园舍美 学风优良

With picturesque surrounding and a strong culture of learning

德智体群 四育并进

Providing a holistic education for our children

培养灵性 锻炼身心

Nurturing the mind, body and soul


Striving for the best for our future generation


Striving for excellence for our Nation



来歌颂 我培华

In praise of our Pei Hwa

美丽的 可爱的培华

Embracing its beauty and vitality


It is our happy home


It is our blissful place


Stanza 2

我培华  历史悠长

My Pei Hwa, rich in destiny

闪耀着  真理之光

Shining in the Light of Truth

信望与爱  日日更新

Faith, Hope and Love, renewed every day

成长道路  圣灵指引

My growing-up journey is guided by the Holy Spirit


Moving forward for our school


Glorifying our Lord's Holy name

*Repeat chorus