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School Motto and Crest

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The school uses light blue for the background on the crest. This is to represent the sky above the peaceful surrounding of the school. To symbolize steadfastness and patriotism for the country, the school name is written in red.

According to ancient Chinese text, the character ‘花’ was both synonymous and homonymous to ‘華’, and the use of the two characters was inter-changeable. A white plum blossom was thus selected to represent the school to underline its Chinese character. The blossom, known to bloom even in the harshest of winter, also represented resilience and perseverance. These were values that the school hoped to inculcate in the pupils.   Originally, two leaves supported the white blossom to provide a sense of balance, and this balance also refers to the balanced education that the school provides for the pupils.

Over the years, these leaves were changed to an open book to represent a child’s different God-given talents and the school’s goal to nurture these talents and to bring out the best in each child. It also symbolizes the Bible, from which we draw out many important values that we want to teach our pupils.

The heart of the white blossom was later replaced with two Chinese characters '培華'. ‘培華' represents the need to nurture and develop, while ‘華’ means ‘Chinese’. Together it encapsulates the need to nurture in our pupils and appreciation of the Chinese tradition and culture as well as a love for the language. The character ‘華’ was further modified to underline the importance of Mathematics. Thus Mathematics symbols were incorporated into the character 華.   These symbols also symbolise the school’s aspiration to develop pupils in logical and critical thinking, and problem solving.  For an artistic flair, the horizontal stroke within the character was removed.
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The additional meaning of “培華 ” also refers to the school’s main objective of developing pupils’ talents, ‘栽培才華’.

In summary, the crest embodies the school’s aspiration for pupils to develop resilience and perseverance so that they are ready for the future challenges ahead. The school aims to develop in pupils an appreciation and understanding of the Chinese culture with special emphasis on values drawn out from the Bible.  It also recognises the importance of developing pupils in critical thinking and problem-solving as well as identifying and developing pupils’ talents so that they are nurtured to do their best and be their best within the peaceful surrounding of a conducive learning environment.  The desired outcome of the school is to inculcate patriotism for the country and instil a sense of responsibility to serve God and the nation.

Our Motto
Honesty and Loyalty