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School Safety and Security Procedures

Road Safety

We would like to seek your cooperation to work with the school in ensuring the safety of students coming to and leaving school. This is especially important as young children may not have the skills required to use roads properly and do not always fully appreciate the dangers presented. Their small physique also makes them less visible to motorists. Please take note of the following road safety pointers:

a. Reduce vehicle speed and stay alert for pedestrians in the school zone.
b. Cooperate with traffic marshals to ensure overall safety and smooth traffic flow.
c. Let your child alight only at the designated drop-off point.
d. Be advised not to violate traffic rules by driving recklessly or making illegal maneuvers such as turning into the school from the outer lane(s) of the road.
e. Do not sound the horn indiscriminately.
f. Help your child alight from the car on the side nearest to the kerb as quickly as possible.
g. Reinforce correct road safety behavior such as using pedestrian crossings, and avoiding jaywalking or using a handphone while crossing.
h. Remind your children to practise the kerb drill before crossing - “look right, look left, look right again, ensure all vehicles have stopped, raise your hand high up and cross the road briskly”.

For the safety of everyone, enforcement action will be taken against motorists who violate traffic rules.

Visitors to School

As part of school’s security measures, all parents/visitors are to inform the security guards at the main gate the purpose of their visit.  They are to obtain a ‘Visitor’ pass before entering the school.  After which, they are to proceed to the General Office to request to see the required staff.  The pass must be prominently worn at all times.

Parents/visitors who wish to see the teachers or other school personnel are to make prior appointments with the staff concerned before coming to school.  This will minimize disruption to to class or school activities and facilitates time management for both parties.  Parents are not allowed to walk into the classrooms to look for the teachers or their child.

Parents/visitors who drive are to park their vehicles at the public carparks outside our school as there is no visitor parking lot in our school.

Parents/caregivers are not to bring in items that your children may have forgotten unless it is medication or something very critical for their safety and security.  Children need to learn about self-responsibility.

We seek the cooperation of all parents and visitors to ensure the safety and security of all our students and staff.