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General Information

Appearance and Attire
  • All pupils must wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  • All pupils must be in full school uniform when attending classes, including enrichment classes. The school PE attire can only be worn during PE lessons and/or sports-related CCAs. White shoes are to be worn. Socks must either be the school socks with school name on them or plain white. Socks must cover the ankles.
  • Boys must be clean shaven. They must keep their hair short and are not allowed to spot beard, moustache or long side burns. No fancy hairstyles are allowed. Girls who wish to keep their hair length beyond the collar of their blouses must tie them up neatly using either a plain black or dark blue hair accessory. Bangs that touch the eyebrows are to be clipped up neatly. Dyeing of hair is not permitted.
  • All pupils must look neat and tidy in appearance. They are expected to come and leave the school in proper attire, such as:
    • Attire shown in photo (a) or (c) for the boys
    • Attire shown in photo (b) or (e) for the girls

School Uniform (Boy).jpg
School Uniform (Girl).jpg
PE Attire (Boy).jpg
PE Attire (Girl).jpg
After PE lesson, put on School T-Shirt.jpg
School Uniform During PE or sports-related activities After PE or sports-related activities