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Brief Introduction

Table Tennis.JPG

Table Tennis

Overall I/C
Miss Pang Xin Yi 

Miss Pang Xin Yi                    Mr Andy Goh                            Miss Shantini

Mdm Chin Kim Keow                Mr Chong Wee Shing

Mr Tan Leng Khoon
PE, CCA & Aesthetics)  Mdm Phua Ying-Li                    (SH PE & CCA)

Table Tennis has been our school's niche sports and games CCA for many years due to its excellent results in zonal and national level competitions. Our school received its Niche Status “Table Tennis for Holistic Development” in 2013.Thereafter, table tennis is one of the key sports under our Learning for Life Programme STAR@PHPPS.

In 2016, 3 of our teams achieved top 4 positions at the National Table Tennis Championships with our senior being team emerging as National Champion. The school also provides table tennis as modular CCA (for P1 to P3 pupils during school hours) and as non-competitive CCA (for all levels outside school hours). 



Overall I/C                                Mr Mustaffa  

Mr Mustaffa                              Mr Lew Kai Keng

Miss Teo Jing Wen                  Miss Ho Meow Jin
Mdm Ishatika


Mr Tan Leng Khoon      (HOD PE, CCA & Aesthetics)  Mdm Phua Ying-Li                    (SH PE & CCA)

Tchoukball has been gaining popularity as a non-contact sport which places special emphasis on discipline and values. Our pupils start from as young as primary one and some progress on to represent the school in local school competitions. 

With the guidance and training of our professional coach, our senior boys team has emerged the Zonal Champion and Nationals Second Runner-up.

We have several players who have been accepted into the national team representing Singapore in overseas games. We adopt a holistic approach to this CCA with empahsis placed on academic excellence as well.

 Our pupils are trained in the following: teamwork, skills, techniques, game of play and fun. As such, we are looking forward to greater achievements the next year.  



Track and Field.JPG

Track and Field

(Overall I/C)
Mr Qairul

Mr Qairul                                  Mr Razak                                  Miss Vikneshwari

Miss Jennifer Lai
Ms Siti Nafsiyah
Ms Nur Hilyati

Mr Tan Leng Khoon              (HOD PE, CCA & Aesthetics)  Mdm Phua Ying-Li                    (SH PE & CCA)

As part of PHPPS effort to provide a holistic education for our students, the CCA constantly exposes Track and Field pupils with lifeskills such as confidence, perseverance and resilience through active involvement in the CCA. 

The athletes hone their skills through an intensive customized training programme. The Track and Field team trains conscientiously thrice a week. The athletes train hard and play hard. 

They also understand the importance of balance between academic work and training sessions. Taking part in national competitions has also exposed the athletes to varied experiences.


Rhythmic Gymnastics.JPG

Rhythmic Gymnastics

(Overall I/C)
Mdm Lim Yung Hui 

Mdm Lim Yung Hui                  
Miss Lua Shi Ying 
Miss Foo Li Wei

(PM)                                    Mdm Winnie Chen              Mrs Teo Lian Choo

Mr Tan Leng Khoon              (HOD PE, CCA & Aesthetics)  Mdm Phua Ying-Li                    (SH PE & CCA)

Executing every move with precision and poise, Rhythmic Gymnastics’ core is about discipline and resilience. It is tough at times but our gymnasts continue to strive for excellence through constant practice – focusing not just on strength, but a combination of many other aspects such as flexibility, grace and teamwork to give their best in every execution.

 In this year’s National Inter-School Rhythmic Championship, their commitment to the CCA has brought them to further heights! Our gymnasts achieved 1st and 3rd place in the “C” and “B” division team championship respectively, the Champion title for overall “C” divisional, and 2nd placing for overall “B” divisional. 

Beyond the technicalities of the CCA, the drive, passion and fighting spirit to push themselves beyond their limits is one quality that will bring them further in life.



(Overall I/C)
Mdm Hu Ying

(AM)                                    Mdm Hu Ying              
Mdm Joann Han                   Mr Liew Jiunn Shyong

(PM)                                  Mdm Nurulhuda                        Miss Ng Min Yi

Mr Tan Leng Khoon          (HOD PE, CCA & Aesthetics)  Mdm Phua Ying-Li                    (SH PE & CCA)